The live video support system for business

Teleportivity is a live cloud video helpdesk communication system, set up in minutes, with cutting edge functionality!
Face to face live support, with the right person, at the right place, at the right time.

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First – Set up your QRideo™ codes
Users can connect with you and your team via video, simply scanning a range of uniquely generated QR codes with their cellular device – no app required.
Location 1
Location 2
Device 1
Device 2
Once generated, place your QRideo (QR Video) codes anywhere to allow your customers, visitors, staff, contractors to instantly video call your team, on-demand.
Because each code is unique, you can embed important information into each code, allowing your team to receive information when the code is scanned. Also push web links out via SMS/Instant message if you prefer to stay in control.
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Set up physical screens
Also, have the option to set up physical screens at your locations for instant connection - proactively or reactively. Use our patent pending “jump screen” technology to be everywhere, on-demand.
Tablet screen kiosks
Teleportivity enables you to solve problems on-site – no matter how far away you are. Remotely assist on-site staff or clients, and have maximum control via installed screens (tablet screen kiosks) throughout your locations.
Download Tablet Screen Apps to connect with TELEPORTIVITY
Set up your team
Manage your video call centre in two ways:
Team members can login simply, through a web browser (Google Chrome Browser).
Team members can be on the go and manage incoming calls on their mobile device. Operator mobile apps are available.
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Transform your human helpdesk support team to be available on-site, on-demand, instantly
Support your customers like never before!
Remote visual support
Help desk support
HR helpdesk
AV/integrated tech support
Logistics support
IT managed service support
Reception / concierge
Venue helpdesk support
Device support
On-site visitor management
Parking lot / car parks
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