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With Teleportivity, creating and managing a more productive, connected physical location has never been easier.

Teleportivity is a live cloud based video platform, allowing you and your “human” team to have a physical presence across all of your locations, instantly. You can work from anywhere, and teleport into any location as if you were there.

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What is teleportivity?

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Once you register your account with TELEPORTIVITY you’ll be able to setup a team of 3 operators who can log-in and start teleporting into your locations instantly...

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Set up screens throughout your locations

Simply download the TELEPORTIVITY APP on the APP store and install into any iPad…

Place the iPad into your preferred protective enclosure. Contact us to assist with custom enclosure requirements...

Deploy your remote human team, instantly, on-demand

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Teleportivity Plans



2 end-points

3 teleporter log-ins

*capped streaming p/m

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Business Class

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Up to 20 end-points

Up to 30 log-ins

Create team departments

Extended Features

Un-capped streaming p/m*

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